Members Regulation

As at Feb 2020 

Further to the TVR Constitution (Sections 5, 6, 7 & 8) 


All members are required and expected to -  

  • be familiar with the TVR Constitution 

  • agree and adhere to the Objects of the Club as outlined in the Constitution. 

  • adhere to the Code of Conduct. 

  • help foster an inclusive, welcoming, friendly and encouraging club culture. 

  • contribute to the running of the club by holding a Volunteer Role and ensuring those responsibilities are met. 

  • hold the correct level of skating insurance with TVR’s nominated insurer and adhere to their requirements. 

  • pay any training fees on time; and are required to pay their training fees monthly to be eligible for team selection. Dual Members are exempt from this requirement. 

                     Members who choose to pay on a per                                   training session basis, may be referred to as                         Casual members.

                      Casual members are not eligible for team                              selection. 

  • be proactive in learning the WFTDA rules. 

  • have a reasonable commitment to the derby season. 

  • fill NSO and volunteer positions at games as required. 

  • fulfill the requirements of the Team contract, when at Bouting level, to ensure team eligibility 

  • Declare any situations that may cause a conflict of interest with TVR.  This includes -  any involvement, playing or training with another club. 

Non Members are made up of new, returning and visiting skaters. 

These skaters are required to -  

  • agree and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

New and visiting skaters are also required to -  

  • lodge a one off online waiver before they can join any on-skates sessions; unless they already have the relevant insurance. Proof of such is required. 

Visiting skaters can attend multiple training sessions with the agreement of the Coaching Committee. 

New skaters -  

  • can attend up to 3 training sessions before they are required to join the club.

Visiting skaters, training at contact level, who are intending to transfer -

  • can attend just 1 training sessions before they are required to join the club and obtain the relevant insurance .

Returning skaters must meet insurer’s requirements, which may mean they are required to renew their membership before joining any on-skates sessions.


An application by a person for membership of the club -  

  • must be lodged via the TVR portal and all fees paid online. 

  • may be referred to HR & Ethics for decisions on acceptance if there are any areas of concern. 

On acceptance the membership administrator is required to promptly add or invite them to the TVR members Facebook group and advise their coach to ensure they are also added to the relevant Facebook group for their coaching level. They will be removed from these groups if they cancel or do not renew their membership.