Fees and Costs

Membership Fees

Yearly costs, per calendar year, as at Jan 2023 are:-

Rookies and non bouting skaters $115

Bouting skaters $160

A large portion of this cost is membership to Skate Aus/NSW, the organisation that we're insured with: this is compulsary for all members.

Once you become a member you will be provided with details of our Members Facebook group.

Training Fees As

at Jan 2024

The Casual rate per session is $15 and are due on the night. 

Monthly invoices are issued to members on the first of the month and payment is due within 7 days.

Monthly training fees are:-

Rookies and White stars - One session a week = $35 

Red and Blue stars  - Two sessions a week = $85

We happily accept bank transfer. An invoice and receipt will be emailed to you, per session. Please use your invoice number as a reference.