Co-Captains Regulation

 As at December 2018 

TVR chooses to have Co-Captains, rather than a Captain and a Vice. Co-Captains will alternate the Captains role each game. However they will liaise and work together to ensure all Captains duties and responsibilities are covered. Co-Captains hold the position for the 12 months of the derby season.  

Co Captains Duties and Responsibilities are as follows:- 

  • Liaise with Head of Coaching on team selection.

  • Determine availability of skaters for upcoming games (via Facebook poll)

  • Liaise with Head of Coaching to ensure games have appropriate a Bench Staffing. 

  • Ensure team roster is submitted as required for games/tournaments.  

  • Ensure all team members have electronically signed the Team Contract. 

  • Arrange team meetings prior to tournaments. 

  • Communicate the required arrival time and uniform colour for games to skaters. 

  • Discuss line ups with Bench Manager.

  • Ensure helmet covers and wristies are brought to and from games. 

  • Call for nominations for new Co-Captains and have them voted in before 1st game of new season. 


Co-Captains voting process is as follows: 

With adequate time before the first game of the season, one of the outgoing Co-Captains will request nominations from all Red & Blue star skaters for new Co-Captains. 

Skaters anonymously nominate either themselves or someone else for the Co-Captains role. This nomination will be made via Facebook message. A reason for nomination does not need to be given. Each skater can nominate up to two skaters. Nominations will remain open for a week. 

The nominees will be contacted. Those that accept will be announced in the Bouting skaters FB group. 

Nominees who accept will have 3 days to post to the group information on what they can offer the team in this capacity, to allow an informed decision.  

Once all nominees have posted, all bouting skaters will consider this information and send an anonymous vote to the outgoing Co-Captain arranging the vote. 

Skaters may place a vote for up to two nominees. It does not matter in which order. 

There will be 2 days allocated for skaters to consider the information and to place their votes. It is not compulsory to vote. 

Those who accept a nomination will be invited to place only a single vote, their second vote will go against their own name by default. 

The two skaters voted in will be contacted and offered the position, once positions are accepted, it will be announced. 

If for any reason a Co-Captain needs to be replaced mid season a similar process will be undertaken.