Transfer and Returning Skaters

Thinking about returning?

Or transferring from another club?

Drop us a message, either to or via FB messenger and let us know you're keen to come along.

We train on Mondays & Wednesdays at Epic Skate rink in Tweed Heads.

Non bout ready skaters will join our Whites stars, who are learning contact drills. Our coaches will continue working with you to get you bout ready.

Bouting transfer skaters join our Red Star training sessions.

Both Red stars and Blue stars, who meet our team selection criteria, as set out in our team contract, are eligible for our Valkyries team. This is where skaters can develop their skills and game play. This team competes in Open Season games.

Our Blue stars, who meet selection criteria, are eligible for our Vixens team. Vixens compete in tournaments, ie TGSS, Royal Rumble etc. 

Transferring bouting skaters will be eligible for the next scheduled assessments to Blue stars. Our coaching team will keep you in the loop on dates.

If you are curious about the team contract/s, Code of Conduct etc you will find them under Forms & Policies on this site.  Feel free to review them.


Do you have current Skate Australia insurance? 

If so, please provide us with proof of your insurance, a screen shot will do, and you'll have 3 sessions to decide if this is the club for you. Then we will need to arrange a transfer and may require a letter from your previous club.

If you do not have Skate Aus insurance you will need to complete an online waiver. Found under Forms and Policies, or click here

When training at contact level, without Skate Aus insurance, you have just one session before you need to become a member and obtain insurance. This is a requirement of our insurance mob, Skate NSW.

Once you complete the waiver you will receive an email with all the information you need to become a member.

If you have Skate Vic insurance please ensure you notify them of your attendance or you may not have insurance coverage.