Fees and Finances Regulation

 As at December 2018 

The TVR Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal responsibilities of the club. 

The Treasurer is also responsible for keeping accurate books that will enable him/her to give a full financial report whenever requested. 

Therefore it would be beneficial that the TVR member accepting the role of Treasurer will have some financial background and experience in account managing.  

The Treasurer will:- 

  • Accurately collect and record  

  • club membership fees, both annual renewals and from new members  

  • training fees, both casual and monthly fees 

  • any monies made via fundraising 

  • As appropriately authorised, arrange and record payment for any monies owed by TVR. 

It is a requirement that the Treasurer:- 

  • be signed up as a signatory and admin on the clubs banking account. 

  • lodge the A12 form with the Office of Fair Trading within 30 days of the club’s AGM with financial reports running from 1 Jan to 31st December. 

It is the Treasurer’s duty to ensure:- 

  •  Minutes are kept  on   

  • all appointments of the board and members roles, and 

  • the names of members present at a board meeting or a general meeting, and 

  • all agenda items discussed in meetings. 

It is also very important that the Treasurer ensure TVR is financially viable and can meet its financial obligations. 

At times the Treasurer may need to advise the Board and in turn Members of financial constraints and can make recommendations on how to move forward. However any changes in fees must be discussed openly and transparently with members being provided with all relevant information so they can vote on how to rectify the situation.