Star Levels

Rookie: A new skater to the league who has yet to learn derby skills.

White Star: The skater learns skills needed for positional blocking, basic contact and scrimmage with skaters at the same level. In the latter half of the program, skater may be fit to begin scrimmage and more serious contact with the next level up. At the end of the White Star program, skaters who can demonstrate they have gained their minimum WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) skills, they advance to the next level as beginning bouting skaters (Red Stars).

Red Star: Skater has achieved their WFTDA Minimum Skills. Skater is fit to begin scrimmage and serious contact among next level up (Blue Stars). Skater is eligible to bout at an Intra-league (in house) level and the Valley Valkyries Team. They will be eligible to try out for their allocated team and will have regular scrimmage opportunities in their respective teams to promote teamwork and strategic skill.

Blue Star: Skater is participating in regular scrimmages at a high intensity and has an excellent understanding of rules and strategy. Skater is ready to try out for and may play for one of our Travel Teams and will be required to sign a team code of conduct and contract.