Frequently asked questions by new skaters:

Who can get involved?

Everyone can get involved in roller derby! The beauty of roller derby is that nearly all clubs accept all genders with open arms . Derby promotes positivity and acceptance of all body types and abilities. We even have non skating members who are very much part of our TVR family. TVR accepts anyone over 16; although if under 18 you will require your parents permission.

I really want to play roller derby, but I can't skate.

Most people start out with little to no skating experience. TVR has a comprehensive Rookie program that will teach you how to skate right through to the basic derby skills. Our coaches will modify their training according to your skill level and with dedication and practice, you'll be skating like it's second nature! You can also sign up for Learn to Skate classes and the Skate Fit program, both run by Epic Skate Rink, to help build up your skills and confidence on skates.

You can find more info  Tweed Valley Rollers Rookie Information Page

Will you provide skates and safety equipment for me to wear?

Our Rookie program provides our learner skaters with safety gear to borrow and skates for hire are available via the rink. It is strongly encouraged however, that once you decide to join the league and get serious about your training, that you purchase your own skates and safety gear.

Will I get hurt?

Maybe. Roller derby is an extreme full contact sport. You will absolutely fall and have bruises – it’s an unavoidable part of the game. Safety is a number one priority in this sport – you’ll be taught proper techniques for falling, blocking, and other manoeuvres to minimize the risk of injury. Roller peeps also wear a multitude of pads & a helmet during all skating sessions. Insurance through Skate Australia is also mandatory for all skaters. You will learn more about this when you join our Rookie program.

How much time does it take to be on a roller derby team?

Like all member ran sports clubs, it's not just about the games – you’ll have weekly practices, occasional scrimmages and bouts, team meetings and other events to attend. TVR rely on their members to help raise money, hand out flyers for events, set up and break down events, recruit new skaters, etc.

Roller derby is a big commitment, especially if you want to be a bout-level skater (i.e. playing in competitions).  Also, a warning: Roller derby is extremely addictive! Once you've been bitten by the bug, it's hard to stop and you'll find that it will very quickly change your life!

What kind of skates will I need? Can I skate with rollerblades?

No. In order to play, you will need to learn how to skate on Quads. Some referees choose to wear blades, which is allowed, but WFTDA require all players to be on Quad skates.

I really want to be involved, but I don’t think skating is for me – can I still help out?

If you know how to skate, but don’t have the time to commit to a team – you can always volunteer to be a referee or 'Non-Skating Official' (NSO). And if you aren’t so comfortable on skates, get in touch with us anyway – we can never have enough volunteers helping out!

Why do skaters have nicknames?

During the day skaters are “normal”, we work, we’re mothers, go study etc. Roller derby is our opportunity to embrace a tough, edgier side of ourselves and escape from day-to-day life. Once you step onto the track, your derby alter ego takes over. Derby names normally reflect a part of the skater’s personality or physical attribute combined with a play on words. They are fun and creative and can be tough or just plain funny. Many high-level competition skaters now-a-days are choosing to skater under their own names and forgo the 'derby name', so it is certainly not a necessity if it's something you don't want. Some derby players find that one of the most exciting things about becoming a derby skater is the opportunity to choose you own name! Your chosen name is nowhere near as important as your chosen NUMBER, as this is what you will be referred to on track by the referees, when they are shouting out your penalties!