Dual Membership Policy

TVR Dual Membership policy is to provide help and support to regional clubs, who don't have a current team; to enable their skaters to gain some bouting experience.

Two (2) spots will be made available for eligible regional skaters on both the TVR Developmental team (Valkyries)  and the TVR Travel team (Vixens).

If more than two (2) skaters are eligble, the skater's primary club will decide which skaters two 2 skaters are put forth for the team.

If TVR does not have a full team they may offer more spots to the regional club, but are under no obligation.

Once the regional club develops a bouting team, skaters are obligated to play for their own club's team and TVR is no longer obligated to hold spots for them. An exception would be made if their team was full and TVR were short and both clubs agreed to the arrangement.

This policy is currently only on offer to Northern Rivers Roller Derby (NRRD) skaters.


The skater is required to :-

  • meet WFTDA minimum skills and be at bouting level with their current club.
  • meet attendance requirements as per the TVR Skater Contract.

The skater's club is required to:-

  • supply an attendance report to TVR, on request.
  • supply a minimum of two (2) NSO/Refs per game, where possible. And if possible TVR would like to have first option to shadow these roles. 


  • Skaters wanting to play for TVR must pay an annual membership fee being 50% of the current TVR membership fee; this gives them dual membership and they will be invited to the required TVR Facebook groups. 

  • Training fees are paid per session attended, at the current TVR Casual rate and cannot be in arrears.

  • Skaters are required to purchase their own uniform.


This policy will be reviewed annually.
Last reviewed Jan 2022.