2024 - Skater Team Contract


Date TBA
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If you are at bouting level please ensure you register to be eligible for Tweed Valley Rollers Teams.

Please read below before Registering; Registration is your acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the contract. 

Also before completing the Team Contract please ensure you have reviewed and acknowledged the Code of Conduct, which can be found by following this link.

Team contract


This contract covers

  • Valkyries - the TVR developmental team, for both Red & Blue stars.

  • Vixens  - the TVR travel team, for Blue stars. 

In order to be eligble for team selection I understand that I am required to

  • maintain my bouting level skills as per the assessment criteria.

  • hold a volunteer role; and fulfil the duties required.
    A contribution of four hours per month is expected. 

  • pay my training fees monthly and on time.
    Overdue fees will affect team eligibility.

  • meet attendance requirements.
    These are calculated on training sessions attended across the entire season; to qualify for Valkyries it is 65% and 75% for Vixens.
    Special Consideration can be requested for extenuating circumstances.

Should I make the game roster I understand that

  • on game days I am required to arrive at least ninety (90) minutes prior to the commencement of the game and participant in team warm up and pre game discussion.

  • my track time may change from bout to bout.

Further I understand that

  • my position on the team is not permanent and is subject to change based on the above mentioned items, and team tryouts if applicable.

  • if I am not on the game roster for any given bout I am requested to attend and support my team wherever reasonably possible.

Additionally, as a bouting player I am eligible for a TVR helmet.

I am aware that the helmet

  • is to be worn at all TVR representative games.

  • remains the property of TVR and must be kept in a good condition.

  • must be returned at the end of each season.
    Additionally if I take a leave of absence I will return the helmet to the club within 4 weeks.

I confirm that

  • I have read and will abide by the TVR Code of conduct.

  • As a TVR representative I will conduct myself in a manner that supports the club's ethos as well as that of our sponsors.

  • I will show my Teammates, Captains, Coaches, Bench Managers, Bench Coaches, Officials and Opposing Teams respect and courtesy.

  • I am aware of the TVR grievance procedure and will utilise this avenue should I have a grievance.

  • if I breach this contract I understand my position on the team/s will be reviewed. The review will require me to meet with the team Captain and a minimum of two members of the Coaching Committee.

I have read this contract carefully and understand this declaration and having done so, I register voluntarily.


PUBLICITY RELEASE: I hereby unconditionally assign to TVR all right, title and interest I may have in any and all audio, audio visual and/or photographic recording of me in the Event/Session and grant to TVR permission to use, display, and publish or otherwise deal with the audio, audio visual and/or photographic recording of me. I further agree that any such recording(s) will remain the property of Tweed Valley Rollers Inc.

MEDICAL RELEASE: I consent to receiving any medical, such as first aid, treatment that Tweed Valley Rollers or the Event Organiser considers reasonably necessary during or after the activities.

PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: As an activities participant I hereby agree to wear suitable protective equipment, as requested, at all times whilst I am taking part in any roller skating activities.

DECLARATION FOR ADULTS: I warrant and certify that I am the person named and am capable of participating in the Event/Session. I confirm that I have read and understand the above declaration, warranty and release and that I agree, to be bound by each of those conditions having done so, I sign voluntarily.