Discipline and Grievance Regulation

As at September 2018 

Further to the TVR Constitution Feb 2018 Sections 9 & 26 

TVR is a small club where members are encouraged to foster and maintain a friendly and harmonious environment. However it is understood that there may be times when members may have issues or grievances that concern them. 

TVR endeavors to take a common sense approach to complaints; acknowledging that many grievances are due to misunderstandings or poor communication. 

With that in mind TVR promotes open communication and transparency. 

TVR also takes skater welfare seriously and wants all skaters to feel heard and be included. 

TVR members will do their utmost to resolve any misunderstandings or disputes in a positive way. 

Any member who feels unhappy with the behaviour of another member should initially attempt to resolve the matter directly with the other party in a calm and orderly way. 

If they are unable to resolve the matter and wish to take further action, they should raise a complaint either verbally or in writing with the Mediation Officer. 

The Mediation Officer will investigate and assist with resolving, to the satisfaction of all parties, as quickly as possible. 

All members have a responsibility to participate in reasonable actions to resolve issues. 

All parties involved in a grievance shall be treated with respect and impartiality. 

TVR will follow these principles:

  • ·Treat complaints seriously 

  • ·Act promptly 

  • ·Treat people fairly and listen to both sides of the story

  •  Stay neutral  

  •  Keep parties to the complaint informed 

  •  Try to Maintain confidentiality if possible 

  •  Protect against victimisation 

  •  Keep accurate records

  •  Make decisions based only on information   gathered not personal views 

  •  Disciplinary action should be relative to the   breach 

Where misconduct is involved the issue will be referred to a Disciplinary Panel. 

Misconduct being, any breach of the Code of Conduct and any conduct, act or omission, which, in the view of the Board is or was detrimental to the reputation and interests of the club thus bringing the club into disrepute, may give rise to disciplinary action. 

If it is evident that a crime at common law has been committed then the procedure should be halted and deferred to establish whether the complainant wishes to report the matter to the Police for a criminal investigation to proceed.   

If a criminal investigation is undertaken then the internal investigation and disciplinary action will not be pursued unless and until all judicial proceedings and avenues of appeal have been exhausted. When circumstances are considered serious the individual(s) concerned may be suspended immediately and lose all privileges of the club. 

In making the decision about the type of remedial action to take/ recommend the Disciplinary Panel will consider: 

The seriousness of the breach; 

  • whether the member/members involved knew what they were doing and intended to do it; 

  • whether remedial action has been taken in relation to this type of breach before;

  • and whether there are any particular circumstances that mean that remedial action should not be taken at all, or not so seriously. 

 The actions and/or penalties that the Disciplinary Panel may impose will be:  

  • No further action 

  • Written letters of apology to all concerned

  • Verbal or written warning about future conduct  

  • Permanent exclusion from the Club 

  • Any combination of the above as deemed necessary or appropriate 

Where Permanent Exclusion from the club is being considered the Disciplinary Panel must be in unanimous agreement. 

The Disciplinary Panel should be made up of the Board members, unless they are directly involved in the grievance and 2 further club members, who have not been involved in the grievance.  

All decisions made are to be based on the best interest of the club and not on any individual bias and are to be made on the information and evidence supplied. All aspects of the process and the disciplinary procedure must be fair, clear, transparent and consistent in its application.